РЕ Shoe Cover
Бахилы РЕ на ногах
Бахилы РЕ
Shoe Covers (polyethylene) help to keep hygiene in various settings, where additional requirements on sanitary conditions are valid. Generally it includes medical settings, childcare centres, museums, etc. There are two types of shoe covers: smooth (transparent) and textured (non-transparent). Visitors wear shoe covers when entering the room and take them off when leaving it. Shoe covers are recommended for single use and are disposed after usage.
Characteristics of shoe covers’ thickness according to the pack’s capacity:
• 18 microns: by 3000 pairs in a shipping carton;
• 20 microns: по 2500 pairs;
• 25 microns: по 2500 pairs;
• 30 microns: по 1000 pairs;
• 40 microns: по 1000 pairs;
• 50 microns: по 1000 pairs.
Бахила РЕ
Бахилы РЕ в ассортименте:

Shoe Covers polyethylene (РЕ) are packed into multiple packaging (a 50 pairs pack). Shipping box contains 50 or 20 packs depending on shoe covers’ thickness.
Описание транспортной коробки бахил РЕ
Коробка РЕ бахил с торца
Коробка с бахилами РЕ
Medical Consumables
Translated by Anna Sytova
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